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Our sole aim is to help your business thrive by providing simple, cost-effective products and quality customer service, designed especially for startups and SMEs


OfficeChile Virtual offers virtual office services with a prestigious business address in Santiago.


Make the right impression and reserve a fully-equipped meeting room in your virtual office location.

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About OfficeChile virtual office

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OfficeChile is a Chile-based service provider specializing in offering virtual address/virtual office/business address services to our clients in Santiago, Chile. Our virtual office service is far more than a business address, we offer access to professional meeting rooms and coworking space in Santiago, Chile. Establish your business presence today. Convenient & cost-efficient virtual offices tailored to your business.

Our client base is diverse with clients from all over the world using the safety of an established company address to start operations in Chile. Your business can grow and develop right along with us, and we are there to support you every step of the way.

Looking for a virtual office in Santiago at an affordable price? At OfficeChile Virtual, you can have a virtual office in the prime location of Santiago for just $220 CLP per day.

Virtual office services

OfficeChile virtual office plans

Los paquetes de oficina virtual de OfficeChile Virtual te ofrecen la flexibilidad de elegir los servicios que necesitas. Comparalos aquí, y empieza hoy tu negocio con nuestro plan de oficina virtual en Santiago (Chile).

Virtual office


Virtual office plus


Tax and business address.
Mail reception and notification.
All type of correspondence reception.
Company registration advice.
Company registration service based on templates.
Common areas access: scanner, printer, locker, internet, etc.
Desktop: 5 hours per week, cumulative within the same month.
Meeting room: 3 hours per month.
Contact us Contact us

For new clients we are offering the starter plan for our virtual office service with a contract for 12 months for only $69.500.

All our virtual office service contracts have a minimum duration of 6 months.

Be advised that an amount of $10.000 is added to final cost of any contract, corresponding to notary fees.

Frenquently asked questions for virtual office service

  1. What is an OfficeChile virtual office?

    With an OfficeChile Virtual Office, you get everything but the office. We give businesses a physical address in Santiago, Chile and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff. With an OfficeChile Virtual Office, you could establish and maintain a presence in Santiago without having to pay rent for the actual space. From a simple Starter plan -for a lower cost- to a Standard plan, you choose what you need for your business in Chile.

  2. What is included with an OfficeChile Virtual Office?

    The OfficeChile Virtual Office is much more than just a mailing address. We are invaluable to your business in Santiago, Chile if you are working from home - or from anywhere. We provide the services of an office without the actual physical office space.

    Our virtual office/address in Chile Includes:

    A prestigious virtual address in Santiago, Chile to use for your business cards or website.
    A Chilean business telephone number, answered in your company name and transferred to you home, mobile or interactive voicemail.
    Mail and courier handling.

  3. Can OfficeChile Virtual clients use the address to register their company in Chile?

    Yes, OfficeChile virtual office/address can be used as a registered office in Santiago, Chile, provided the address meets the legal requirements stipulated in the Chilean company law.

  4. What are the costs involved in a virtual office/address of OfficeChile Virtual? Are there any hidden costs?

    There are no hidden costs. You have one fixed cost: your monthly virtual office/address membership fee in Chile. For additional services OfficeChile Virtual charges by usage.

  5. Is a security deposit required for a virtual office/address in Santiago, Chile?

    No security deposit is required.

  6. How long is OfficeChile virtual office/address contract commitment?

    An OfficeChile virtual office/address is a 6-month commitment, or you can choose a 12-month commitment at a discounted price.

  7. What do I need to submit when signing up for a virtual office/address in Chile?

    To use our virtual office/address services in Santiago, Chile, you will need to submit one official and valid identification document with photo, full name, address and date of birth that is issued by a recognized public office.

  8. How do I cancel the virtual office/address contract?

    To cancel a OfficeChile virtual office/address in Santiago, Chile, we require at least one full calendar month notice. If you give notice during the course of a month, your cancellation will take effect on the last day of the following month.


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